Who We Help

We work with individuals, groups, or organizations who are seeking a collaborative, inclusive, and holistic problem solving approach that promotes resilient solutions. Our clients value the importance of addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of all involved, and are committed to working towards a mutually agreeable and sustainable outcome.

Our clients are open to working in a multi-party mediation or facilitation process and are willing to explore creative solutions to conflicts. They are also interested in building their capacity to manage disputes, including water, natural resource, or those of a religious nature. They are open to receiving training and workshops in conflict management, collaborative process design, and capacity building.

In addition, our clients value ethical standards, transparency, and professionalism in their conflict management and transformation processes. They are committed to continuous improvement and would be willing to provide feedback to Four Worlds to help improve their services.

A joint commitment to positive transformation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions