Technical Assessment & Capacity Building

Technical Assessment

Our Consultants are Science Educators and Experts in Data Analysis

Aaron Wolf Pandal Basin project

Four Worlds offers comprehensive and straightforward technical assessment services to resolve client disputes related to scientific or technical issues. With their extensive science background, Four Worlds consultants are able to provide an objective and unbiased assessment of the available evidence. 

Technical assessments are used to help parties in a dispute gain a better understanding of the underlying scientific and technical issues and to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. They will identify the scientific and technical facts relevant to a dispute and evaluate the accuracy, reliability, and applicability of the evidence. This can be particularly helpful in disputes involving complex or technical issues where there may be disagreements among experts.

As stated above, technical assessment involves a detailed review and analysis of the relevant scientific and technical literature and data, as well as interviews with relevant experts and stakeholders.

This process typically involves the following steps:

Capacity Building

We give our clients the tools and knowledge they need to succeed

Capacity Building is about empowering individuals, organizations, or communities to become stronger, more capable, and better equipped to achieve their goals and address the challenges they face.

Four Worlds also offers on-call consulting services for parties navigating competing interests, helping them to identify challenges and opportunities, and develop strategies to address them. These consulting services may include assessments of conflict potential, identification of stakeholder interests, and the development of communication and outreach plans. Overall, Four Worlds’ capacity building service aims to empower clients to manage and transform disputes, build stronger relationships, and create healthier communities.

Training and Workshops

At Four Worlds, Capacity Building helps clients manage and transform water and natural resources disputes through education, workshops, and training. It gives our clients the tools they need to work through challenging problems, to heal communities in conflict, and to build healthier communities. These training sessions are designed to enhance the skills of participants, develop leadership and problem-solving abilities, and enable participants to better navigate conflicts and competing interests.

Four Worlds at Work

Four Worlds provided a capacity building workshop for a local environmental nonprofit organization in Oregon. The workshop focused on conflict resolution skills, collaborative process design, and capacity building in cooperative dialogue. Participants left with practical tools and strategies for managing and transforming disputes related to natural resource management.

Four Worlds was hired by a small town in Colorado to assess the potential for water conflict between two competing industries: agriculture and oil and gas development. They conducted a technical assessment of the water resources in the area and evaluated the potential impacts of different development scenarios. Through facilitated dialogue sessions, they helped the parties identify common ground and negotiate an agreement that balanced the needs of both industries while protecting the local water resources.