Four Worlds Transformative Consulting

Changing your World Through Conversation, Collaboration, & Community Building

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We are experts in water mediation, technical assessment & more

Four Worlds Transformative Consulting delivers science-based, innovative approaches to heal disputes that arise ranging from water and other natural resource conflicts to faith-based tensions. We work in a variety of settings, from urban and rural, to domestic and international, to public and private sectors.

Vibrant Conversations Create Thriving Communities

Our consultants are known for their expertise in conflict management and their commitment to positive transformation. They foster understanding, collaboration, and empathy among stakeholders, promoting equitable and efficient use of natural resources, encouraging sustainable practices, and nurturing healthy relationships within communities.  Four Worlds aims to create lasting change that contributes to the well-being of individuals, communities, and the broader environment.

Making Sense of Complex Issues

We offer individual and multi-party mediation and facilitation, capacity building training and workshops, and technical assessments of complex issues resulting in conflict or potential conflict. We also offer life coaching and religious mediation within and between spiritual communities.

Finding Common Ground

We believe that in order to transform disputes, each party’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs must be addressed. These “four worlds” must be carefully considered in a holistic manner. Four Worlds consultants guide negotiations in a way that increases stakeholder inclusion and finds common ground between people who share natural resources, or are involved in other difficult discussions, such as inter- or intra-faith issues.

Create helpful relationships and mutually-agreeable outcomes

Our Services

Mediation and facilitation

We use proven methods to resolve surface and groundwater conflicts, along with broader environmental disputes. We look for points of  both collaboration & conflict. Together we explore different outcomes and solutions.

Religious mediation

We work with entire congregations or select members of single and multi-faith communities to transform disputes and begin healing.

Water conflict management

We have extensive expertise managing water conflicts. In addition, we also provide a wide range of services related to water use, conservation, and management.

Our Services

Capacity building

We provide training and workshops in capacity building, water conflict management, collaborative process design, cooperative dialogue, as well as on-call consulting services for parties navigating competing interests.

Technical assessment

As working scientists and educators, we mediate between “dueling experts” often hired in natural resource disputes, and can offer alternatives for dialog based on the science itself.

Life coaching

Our expert coaching opens new possibilities in all aspects of work, play, and personal life.