The Partners

Four Worlds was founded in 2014, with its primary base in Corvallis, Oregon USA. Our work builds on the philosophy that to transform disputes each party’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs must be met. Negotiations evolve through multiple stages: adversarial, reflective, integrative and action, though not necessarily in that order. Four Worlds guides that process. We engage in integrative bargaining to increase stakeholder inclusion, find common ground, and transform conflicts, to produce a greater outcome than could otherwise have been achieved.

Our expertise includes: facilitation, mediation, negotiation, water conflict management, water management, spiritual transformation, and collaborative processes. We have the advantage of having worked together on various projects as colleagues and friends. Our styles and skills complement each other.

Lynette de Silva
Todd Jarvis
Aaron Wolf


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Gregg Walker
ToddV_headshot_300pxTodd Votteler