Four Worlds provides on-the-ground mediation, facilitation and collaborative process design for parties engaged in disputes, and for those working to prevent them.

1Scientific Mediation & Facilitation

Four Worlds provides mediation and facilitation in surface water and groundwater conflicts, and environmental disputes. We evaluate the indicators of potential cooperation and the likelihood of actual conflict; and through scenarios, clients explore possible outcomes and creative solutions.

2Capacity Building

Four Worlds provides tools for managing and transforming water and natural resources disputes. We provide training and workshops in conflict management, collaborative process design, capacity building in cooperative dialogue, and on-call consulting services for parties navigating competing interests.

3Technical Assessment

Four Worlds combats the dueling expert situation by navigating around the biases of the experts interpreting the science and get to the science itself.

4Other Services

Religious Mediation: We work with congregations and members of faith to transform disputes, so healing begins.

Life Coaching: We coach into possibilities in all aspects of work, play and personal life.