Gregg Walker

Gregg Walker_225pxSince 1984, Gregg has taught university alternative dispute resolution courses (negotiation, mediation, conflict management, international conflict and negotiation, environmental conflict resolution, and natural resources decision making). He has conducted numerous conflict resolution and collaborative learning training programs, directed a number of conflict assessments, and has led a number of process design projects. Gregg has facilitated numerous collaborative, multi-party public participation events (e.g., Collaborative Learning citizen workshops). He is both a practitioner and an academic, learning from and with members of professional/practitioner community, the environmental and natural resource management community, and the university community.

Gregg is currently a professor of Communication at Oregon State University and an adjunct professor in the following programs: Environmental Sciences, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Marine Resources Management, Public Policy, and Water Resources Management. He teaches in OSU’s Natural Resources Leadership Academy, is co-director of the Climate Change Project for Mediators Beyond Borders, and is a member of the National Collaboration Cadre of the US Forest Service.

Gregg is experienced and skilled in assessment, training, process design, facilitation and mediation, and project evaluation.